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OneFile is the only learning software with a built-in eportfolio, learning journal, course builder and evaluation scorecard. 

It has everything you need to deliver your apprenticeship curriculum... record learner starting points during the initial assessment... and deliver individualised learning the way Ofsted wants you to.

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Ideal for individualised learning

With the Learning Hub, you can implement your curriculum intent in an individualised way. Learners can create a profile, record their baseline, share reflections to their feed, link learning entries to training activities and evaluate their learning. 



Learning journal

Learners can record learning reflections, attach files, link training activities and share entries to create a timeline of learning. Users can scroll to see journal entries, make comments and submit scorecards
Learners can also select whether their entry was completed on or off the job. OneFile will calculate the learner's off-the-job entries against their contracted hours and display  their progress as a percentage against the 20% requirement. It's off-the-job training made easy.
Recording reflections
Course builder



Course builder

Use our course builder to create custom content your learners will love. You can build quizzes, upload videos and import SCORM packages. Each piece of content maps to learning outcomes, so progress is tracked automatically. 
You can assign content to learner cohorts or to individuals – which is perfect for personalising the implementation of your curriculum for learners depending on their starting point. 



Evaluation scorecard

Learners can work with tutors and managers to record their starting point during their initial assessment. Tutors can then use each learner's starting point to personalise the delivery of the curriculum.
Learners can continue to evaluate their learning and rate their progression throughout the programme. This gives tutors the insights they need to support learners and set stretching and challenging activities.
You can customise the rating scale to suit each programme. You can change colours, terminology, grade scales and length.
Evaluate learning
Track progression of learning



Learning report

Learners can see all the learning reflections they've submitted while they're evaluating their learning. Scores are then recorded against each outcome and plotted on a graph to show progression of learning and the impact of your curriculum on each learner – ideal for audits and inspections. 


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  • How it encourages learner progression
  • How it meets the Ofsted framework 


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